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Our dentist is an Invisalign® certified dentist, treating patients throughout the El Paso area. Adults and children alike prefer Invisalign® as the best way to straighten your teeth. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, call ​(915) 778-4681 to schedule a consultation and see if Invisalign® is right for you.​

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Invisalign – How It Works

As an Invisalign® dentist, we can straighten your teeth using a series of aligners. The aligners will be created in a lab after molds of your teeth have been taken. The aligners have been designed from a thermoplastic material that provides comfort and simultaneously rigidness to align your teeth. The material is virtually invisible.

The aligners will need to be switched out every 2 weeks for the new one, and need to be in at least 22 hours daily to be effective. Over a period of a few months, the aligners will steadily move teeth into their correct position. The aligners are designed to make one minor adjustment at a time that is targeted to your specific teeth. This provides comfort for your teeth as they are adjusted into place at a manageable pace. At the end of the time period that our dentist will discuss with you, your teeth will be perfect.

​​For most patients living in the El Paso area, the procedure takes around twelve months. The exact timeframe will depend on your situation, and only our dentist can tell you how long they will need to be worn. Usually, the treatment time will be less than with metal braces. This is in part because you do not have to schedule appointments to keep your teeth moving. Simply pull out a new aligner.

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Not all dentists offer Invisalign® because the dentist will have to receive special training in order to provide it to patients. To learn if the procedure is right for you, schedule an appointment with our Green Family Dental office by calling (915) 778-4681. You can also fill out the form on this page to get started with Invisalign® today!