Painless Tooth Extractions
in El Paso, TX

​In the unfortunate event, a tooth needs to be extracted, you are in good hands. When a tooth is severely damaged, or it is trapped within the jaw bone beneath the gums, tooth extraction may be required. Generally, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area surrounding the tooth. At Green Family Dental we offer oral sedation to minimize anxiety and pain.

Get a tooth extraction in East
El Paso, TX.

What To Expect During Your Tooth Extractions

We will clearly explain every step of tooth extraction before we begin.
If we cannot revive your tooth with a restorative dentistry procedure, we will:

  • Thoroughly plan your treatment using digital X-rays and other advanced dental technologies
  • Numb the area for optimum comfort
  • Gently remove your tooth

We will also give you advice on how to care for your mouth following
​your tooth removal. If you happen to be nervous, we can also help relieve your dental anxiety and increase your comfort with dental sedation options!

Ask Us About Tooth Extractions

At Green Family Dental we know that an informed patient is a comfortable patient. Therefore, we want you fully understand the treatment recommendations and dental procedures to a level that makes you happy. 

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Being informed by the dentist that you need a tooth pulled can be intimidating. In fact, we here at Green Family Dental will try our best to avoid pulling your tooth with other procedures such as a filling, bridge, or crown. Keeping your natural teeth will always be the main goal, but sometimes a tooth will need to be pulled to avoid any further pain, infection, or shifting of your bite with wisdom teeth. If you or a loved one is facing this reality, you can expect our skilled team of highly trained dental professionals to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire procedure. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when getting a tooth extraction.


To ensure that you have a successful tooth extraction there are a few things that you’ll want to take into consideration:

  • Depending on your doctor’s orders, you may have to fast for at least 8 hours or more before the tooth is pulled, so mentally preparing yourself for this fasting period will help you ease into the process.
  • With wisdom tooth extractions, surgical removal of the teeth maybe needed. In case of having a tooth surgically removed remember that you will need at least 2 days to recover. So ask for the days off from work. The staff and dentist will provide you with proper before and after care for the removed teeth.
  • After the extraction you’ll want to bite down softly on the gauze that your dentist applies to the exposed gum to minimize bleeding.
  • Make sure to choose softer foods for at least 2 days after the procedure. Also, avoid hot foods or drinks to avoid any damage to the affected extraction area.


Our staff and dentist will give you a list of instructions that will fully explain after and before dental care for a tooth extraction. Our staff is friendly and patiently waiting for your phone call to answer any questions you might have.

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