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Rediscover Your Smile with Dentures at Green Family Dental

Say goodbye to the days of toothless grins and hello to a world full of chewable food! With dentures, you’re not just getting a set of replacement teeth, you’re unlocking the key to a life brimming with confident smiles and hearty laughter.

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Dentures offer an affordable and reliable solution to replace any number of missing teeth in your mouth. Replacing a full arch of missing teeth is a major decision, and we don’t take that lightly. Our El Paso practice is uniquely equipped to offer the most advanced restorative treatments in modern dentistry. Whether we are rebuilding the smile you once had or creating the one you’ve always wanted, our dentists provide top-quality dentures and a rewarding experience from start to finish.

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Green Family Dental is known for producing remarkable outcomes for patients who need full or partial dentures in El Paso.

  • Complete Denture is used to replace all of the teeth in the top or bottom dental arch. Depending on your situation, the dentist may request that a full dental arch be replaced by dentures. Dental implants would be required for a full dental arch to be replaced.
  • Partial Denture is used if you are missing multiple teeth but still have healthy teeth remaining. A partial denture contains replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored bases and clasps to healthy teeth. ​

Green Family Dental custom-fitted complete dentures or denture partial can help you regain the capabilities you once had with your natural teeth. With a natural look and feel, your new complete dentures or denture partial can give you a more youthful appearance and a second chance at smiling, eating, and enjoying your new smile with confidence. 

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Some of the most transformative smile makeovers performed by our dentist have been done with dentures in our El Paso, TX dental office. These proven oral appliances are customized to fit your dental needs and repair your smile completely. To visit our dentist and team at Green Family Dental, reach out to us today at 915-778-4681!


Are you currently wearing poorly fitted or loose removable dentures? If so, you may not be aware that getting permanent dentures can improve the comfort and appearance of your artificial teeth. If you are missing one or multiple teeth, there are many treatment options that are designed to restore function and beauty to your smile and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Dentures can offer the most cost-effective method of replacing your absent teeth. If your current denture isn’t fitted properly it may start to loosen and shift over time. This could cause discomfort, hinder speech, and make it difficult to eat certain foods. Removable dentures may also eventually lead to jaw bone recession from prolonged usage. Another issue with temporary dentures could be the sticky mess denture adhesives make holding your artificial teeth in position.


Fixed dentures provide our patients with more options and benefits than removable dentures and other dental alternatives. Below are some of the benefits available from receiving a fixed denture implant for replacing your absent teeth.

  • With fixed dentures, patients are able to eat whatever they want without difficulty. You no longer have to worry about biting into something too hard that will either damage or cause the denture to come loose.
  • Implant dentures preserve the appearance of your face and maintain the aesthetic of your natural bone structure. They also help prevent bone loss due to the lack of teeth.
  • Fixed dentures will improve your smile by covering gaps in the mouth due to missing teeth.
  • Fixed dentures will improve your speech capabilities by filling these missing gaps.
  • They prevent the shifting of teeth on the jawline and potential misalignments from occurring.
  • The life span of fixed dentures is designed for long-term effectiveness if maintained correctly.
  • Fixed dentures are easy to get used to because of their similarity to real teeth.


The procedure to fit implant dentures involves dental surgery and could take up to six months to complete. To fit implant-supported dentures, our oral surgeon or periodontist will perform a surgical procedure to insert implants into the jawbone of the patient. These implants are small, titanium cylinders. Over the coming months, the jaw bone will grow around the dental implants and they become firmly bonded. In the meantime, the patient will wear immediate dentures.


Permanent dentures are a safe procedure, but they do require oral surgery. Post-surgery, they can also cause inflammation or infection. With good communication with our staff and regular dental appointments, you won’t experience any infection, inflammation, or any kind of ill dental health. While permanent dentures are more costly, in the long run, the benefits will far outweigh the costs when compared to removable dentures.

Are you considering permanent dentures at the moment? It will be a good idea to discuss the procedure in detail with our qualified and skilled cosmetic dentist, that way you will be making an informed decision.


Schedule a dental implant consultation today by calling (915) 778-4681, or visiting our Contact Us page! Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you have about dentures, insurance, or financing available to our patients.


Oral prosthetics like dentures are an important investment in your oral health and overall well-being. Dentures imitate the form and function of our natural teeth, allowing us to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. As such, it’s important to carefully maintain your dentures so that they fit comfortably and beautifully for years to come.

For most people, dentures can last for about 10 years or more. This would mean you’re taking good care of your dentures and the gums they rest on. To help ensure your dentures last longer and stay comfortable, follow these tips.


Dentures are actually pretty tough. They can handle a lot of pressure from chewing all kinds of foods for years and years. However, that’s because they’re designed to do that. If you were to drop your dentures on a hard floor, they could either break or bend out of their original shape.

Wearing dentures all night could lead to your dentures not fitting correctly. When you take them out each night, make sure you handle them with care.


Dental experts recommend removing your dentures for 6 to 8 hours while you are sleeping to allow the tissues of your mouth to heal from any soreness or irritation that may have occurred during the day.

Sleeping without your dentures is a good way to give your mouth a rest. Store your dentures in warm—not hot—water or a solution that is approved by your dentist.

This helps your dentures retain their shape and prevents them from drying out. When handling your dentures, keep a towel underneath them to prevent them from breaking if they fall.


Your dentures will still need to be cleaned like your teeth. You won’t get cavities in your replacement teeth, but they can get stained with time. Your dentures can also start to smell if food particles are left on them for too long. You can use denture toothpaste or a denture cleaner. Both do the job well when used as directed.


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