Save Your Dental Insurance & then Save Money with Our Dental Savings Plan

As most of us with dental insurance know, there are pros and cons to dental insurance. In some cases, dental insurance won’t save you money at all, even if you’re getting dental care.

Dental Insurance Won’t Cover All Dental Work

The cost will vary from state to state but on average most Americans spend about $300 to $400 a year on dental insurance. Most plans come with a maximum annual benefit, coverage limit, or cost allowance of $1000 to $2000 per year.

​So, unlike medical insurance which covers costs above your deductible, dental insurance cuts off payment of dental work after it reaches your annual limit. So if you are in need of extensive dental work or Cosmetic Dentistry, you will pay 100% out-of-pocket cost after you meet your insurance’s annual allowance.​

Dental Savings Plan

Fortunately, Green Family Dental has a Dental Savings Plan which ensures affordable dentistry for all of our patients and families in the El Paso, TX area. This 12-month membership includes:

With our Dental Savings Plan, there is neither a maximum nor a deductible,—making your savings virtually limitless.  There is no catch or hidden fees.  You will be given a treatment plan displaying the total cost, the adjustment given to you in regard to the Savings plan, and the amount that will be due on the date of service. You will see how much you are saving from the first appointment!

Save Your Dental Insurance

With the Dental Savings Plan, you are able to save 25% off your treatment on any procedure for you, your spouse, and your family. The savings are virtually limitless!

Therefore, you can save your dental insurance for when dental emergencies occur. You are not responsible for paying a deductible before the DSP kicks in. Savings begin automatically. Unlike insurance plans, there is no maximum amount the plan will not cover for the year you are enrolled.

For more on our Dental Savings Plans and Pricing, visit our Financial Options page.

Free Whitening for Life

When you enroll in the Dental Savings Plan, you’ll receive a free Flashwhite Teeth Whitening Kit. We’ll provide you whitening gel refills at your regularly scheduled 6-month cleanings. Whitening for life is contingent on maintaining your prescribed cleaning and exam appointments to ensure your teeth are healthy enough for whitening treatment.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Have any questions about your insurance or our Dental Savings Plan? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 915.778.4681, or visit our Contact page to send us a message. Our staff is friendly, professional, and waiting for your call. We can’t wait to see you smile big with all of the money you’re gonna save!

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