El Paso Dentist Near Me Open Saturdays!

One of the most common reasons for avoiding the dentist seems to be timing, according to a recent ADA dental survey. Most dentists are only open Monday through Friday during daytime business hours. Most people are working or busy with their day-to-day lives during these times. It’s for that reason that Green Family Dental is open Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. 

We understand that not everyone can make dental appointments during the 9 to 5 workday. Finding a dentist open on weekends is not always easy. As a token of our gratitude for being our patient, Green Family Dental offers Saturday business hours available to all who schedule an appointment. 

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

​Facing a dental emergency on a weekend can be extremely frustrating when few dental offices are open or even answering their phones. ​Dental needs don’t just disappear or stay away on the weekends. If you need a Saturday dentist, you can rely on the specialists at Green Family Dental. Our friendly staff is always available, so if you’re looking for a weekend dentist, just give us a call!

Extended Hours

Our staff is also available for extended after-hours appointments if you are unable to make it during normal business hours. We make it convenient for you to come by before or after work so you do not have to compromise your dental health because of your schedule.

Convenient Location

Green Family Dental is conveniently located on Montwood next to Yarbrough at our east side location. We are just across the street from the Albertsons grocery store at Yarbrough and Montwood. 

Schedule an appointment with our kind and caring staff. We will go out of our way to schedule an appointment for you at the most convenient time possible. You can reach us by phone at 915.778.4681, or schedule an appointment through our Contact page.

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