Benefits of Root Canals

Despite the fact that no one wants to get a root canal, this type of treatment has many advantages over having a tooth extracted. Teeth are important body parts and can wear out quickly. It’s evident that when teeth are under immense pressure and wear and tear, they’re susceptible to damage. Since digestion starts in the mouth, maintaining oral hygiene is necessary. Brushing teeth after meals and using mouthwash can help ward off germs and dental infections.

Cavities and other infections can cause significant damage to the roots of your teeth. Specialized treatments like root canal therapy can help. Root canal therapy is a sequence of therapies that are administered to treat an infected tooth pulp. The goal is to eliminate the infection and protect the decontaminated tooth from further invasion by microbes. Our dentist in El Paso, TX has extensive experience performing root canal treatment.

Benefits of root canal treatment

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic therapy, is a procedure that fixes teeth that are damaged or decayed. It can also relieve pain from an infection or nerve damage in the tooth.

The process of root canal therapy entails taking out the diseased pulp beneath the dentine in the tooth so that an elastic material can be used to fill it up and keep the tooth whole. This is made more effective with a crown, or capping, which helps preserve treated teeth for much longer periods of time.

Though there are many reasons to get a root canal, these benefits take the cake:

Keep your natural tooth

Root canals let patients keep their original tooth rather than getting an implant. Bone loss is a common worry for those deciding whether or not to have the procedure, but with a root canal that isn’t something, you need to stress over. The stimulating effect of the roots on your bone growth will remain; meaning you can keep your smile looking great.

Stops the spread of infection

Dental infections often lead to toothaches. However, by undergoing root canal treatment at Green Family Dental, the bacteria causing the infection will be removed permanently. This stops the spread of infection and cleanses your teeth entirely.

Cost-effective and efficient

A root canal is a better option compared to tooth extraction, which can not only be very painful but also leave a huge dent in your bank account. You will not need any additional appointments after the treatment, and your tooth will recover rapidly. This procedure will help you save hundreds of dollars while also bringing back your smile.

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“Went in for a root canal, staff was very kind and professional, Jackie and Andrea were great at answering any questions I had. I recommend this place 100%”
Victoria B
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Stop toothaches

Root canal treatment is used to clean out an infected or inflamed pulp, and the area is treated with antibiotics if needed. Once the infection is gone, the toothache disappears.

Aesthetically appealing result

This treatment not only cleans the dental pulp and nerve endings below the tooth but also removes any infection present. The cleaning is done thoroughly before a dental filling is used to seal the tooth. You will have healthy teeth after this treatment, and their appearance will be maintained as well.

Prevents degeneration of jawbones

The primary benefit of this ground-breaking treatment is the protection of your existing teeth. If the dentist in El Paso, TX can save your tooth, it also prevents deterioration of the jawbone. Once a tooth is lost, it can cause degeneration of surrounding bone tissue.

Are you ready for a root canal?

If you have a toothache, dental decay, or a sensitive tooth, you might need a root canal. Root canals are 97% successful and can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Our dentists in El Paso, TX, are experienced in performing root canal treatment. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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