5 Great Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

People all around the world are appreciating the incredible benefits having a white, healthy-looking smile can bring to their lives. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, you may be aware of some of the advantages doing so can bring. But are you aware of everything you’ll get from the procedure?

To help bridge your awareness, our El Paso, TX dental team at Green Family Dental has put together the list below. It will give you the rundown on everything you can expect to gain from professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening benefits in El Paso, TX.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Prior to starting your treatment, your dentist will make a record of the current shade of your teeth. Then, your teeth are polished to remove plaque and other debris from the surface.

After that is done the dentist applies a whitening solution on the surface of the teeth which usually contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. A lot of the whitening products must be accompanied by a laser or light to activate the peroxide.

For best results, the solution sits on your teeth for 30 minutes to an hour along with the light or laser. After that timeframe, your teeth are rinsed and fluoride may be applied to reduce sensitivity.

Furthermore, additional visits may be scheduled until you get the shade you desire.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening:

There really aren’t any negatives to whitening your teeth. Honestly, how can you go wrong with improving the look of your teeth? With that said, here are a few of the advantages of brightening your smile:

A brighter smile

One of the huge cosmetic benefits of professional teeth whitening is that it instantly gives you a brighter, more appealing smile. A dentist or dental hygienist can get rid of deep stains that whitening toothpaste will have little if any impact on.

Save time

Traditional methods such as regular brushing and using over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products can take months, if not weeks, to show results. In-office whitening, on the other hand, takes only as little as an hour. This gives you that great-looking smile almost immediately.

Effective treatment

Teeth whitening in a dental clinic is very effective. In fact, patients notice the brightness and whiteness of their teeth immediately after the treatment is complete. With other methods, you may have to keep repeating the procedure over a couple of days to see any improvements in the color of your teeth.

Better Oral Health

When a professional removes dental staining, it reinforces the health and strength of your teeth, which lessens the likelihood of cavities and gum disease caused by accumulations of plaque – the sticky film that provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Whitening is Affordable

There are a lot of procedures in the medical marketplace that can be life-changing. Most of them, however, are well outside of the budget of the average person.

With whitening, you can get quick, life-changing benefits at an extraordinarily low cost given the benefits it brings!

So, if you’re looking to perform a procedure with deep cosmetic and health benefits that have a very high return on the initial investment, look no further than getting your teeth whitened by a medical professional!

Safe and effective

There are a lot of cosmetic and health benefits one should know when getting their teeth whitened. There are also a lot of risks you incur when pursuing teeth whitening via DIY methods.

In order to maximize results and ensure your safety, whitening teeth under the supervision of a professional is a must.

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