Dental Fillings in El Paso, TX

Dental fillings are man-made materials that are used to restore teeth that have lost their enamel or need to be filled in due to decay, fracture, or damage. Fillings are used to restore the function, structure, and form of missing tooth structure caused by cavities or external damage, as well as to repair dental crowns supported by dental implants.

Tooth-colored dental fillings are available at Green Family Dental!

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

Your dentist will use a tiny mirror to look at the surfaces of each tooth, and anything that appears abnormal, such as discoloration, is likely to be examined and X-rayed. A toothache is the most frequent symptom of a cavity needing to be filled. However, sensitivity to certain temperatures, pressure, and sweets are all warning signs that you require a filling. Finally, if biting or chewing causes sudden or throbbing discomfort, you may need a dental filling.

What Is a Tooth-Colored Dental Filling?

Tooth-colored fillings, often known as white fillings and composite fillings, are made up of plastic, silica, and glass particles. These materials mimic many of the properties of natural teeth including translucency and resistance to wear. A composite is formed by combining these elements.

Aesthetics of Natural Teeth

Teeth filled in with composite are ideal for people who want their teeth to look nice. Fillings constructed of composite resin blend in with the rest of the teeth flawlessly. So don’t be concerned about how your fillings will appear. No one will be able to see you have a filling in your mouth.

The Process of Getting a Dental Filling

When you get a filling, your dentist may first give you local anesthesia to numb the area. Next, your dentist will most likely utilize a drill to cut through the enamel and remove decay. When the drill reaches the dentin or second layer of a tooth, it is usually switched to a lower-speed drill since dentin is softer than enamel. The dentist will prepare the area for filling by shaping it. They may also install a base or liner to protect the pulp (nerve) inside the tooth.

If your dentist is using a bonded filling (typically made of composite fillings), they will first etch the tooth with an acid gel. The composite material is injected into tiny holes that have been created in the enamel by etching. A gel-like material often referred to as a bonding material, is also used to ensure that the filling adheres to the tooth in two ways. Fillings bonded with porcelain can help prevent leakage or decay beneath the filling.

Some composite fillings are hardened with a specific type of light. Your dentist will lay the material in layers, stopping frequently to shine a strong light on the resin to harden (cure) it.

Finally, our dentist will utilize burs to complete and polish the filled tooth. Sharp edges might still be visible following your appointment. The dentist can easily repair these during a follow-up visit if they exist.

How Long Does a Dental Filling Take?

This procedure might take anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the size and location of the cavity. When damage is minor to moderate, a filling is a dental operation that is frequently used to mend teeth that are chipped or decaying on just one, two, or three surfaces.

How Long Will a Dental Filling Last?

Porcelain fillings are common alternatives, and they will last upwards of 15 years. Some such fillings can even endure much longer. Fillings today are extremely corrosion-resistant. Although you will pay a little extra for a filling that lasts up to two decades, it will shield your tooth for a long time and offer you crucial peace of mind.

Tooth Fillings Prevent Infection

If you require dental treatment such as a root canal that would necessitate many visits, a temporary tooth filling can be used to allow the tooth and gums ample time to recover. After the temporary fill is placed, the nerves relax and allow for easier bonding of the permanent restoration. During the interim, while waiting for a durable fix, an exposed tooth does not become infected if a short-term filling is used.

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